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Business Attorney Boston IconBusiness Litigation

Business and Commercial Litigation

Godbout Law can guide your company through disputes that arise in the course of business. We can bring or defend claims related to contract disputes, shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secrets, intellectual property, product defects and any other legal issue central to the modern and ever-changing business environment. We represent businesses ranging from multi-million dollar public companies to family-owned businesses in every type of proceeding at the state, federal and appellate levels.

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Business Attorney Boston IconEmployment Litigation

Employment Law

Discrimination in the employment context based on age, race, disability, or gender is a violation of state and federal law. A successful plaintiff can potentially recover multiple damages and attorney’s fees. Godbout Law has the experience and capacity to provide effective representation to both employers and employees where there is a claim for age, race, disability, or gender discrimination.

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Business Attorney Boston IconReal Estate Litigation

Real Estate Disputes and Tenant & Landlord Law

Godbout Law offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of real estate disputes and property litigation. Whether your dispute arises out of and purchase and sale of property, or a landlord-tenant relationship, the attorneys at Godbout Law have the ability to protect your rights and your valuable property interest.

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Business Attorney Boston IconMalpractice Litigation

Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice and Professional Negligence Law

Any professional can commit negligence, and any that holds himself/herself out as a specialist owes each client a duty to provide the same level of care as a practitioner of ordinary skill in the same area. At Godbout Law, we bring claims on behalf of clients against a wide variety of professionals, from health care professionals, attorneys, engineers and beyond, who have failed to deliver care in accordance with professional norms.

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Business Attorney Boston IconFINRA Arbitration

FINRA Arbitration and Securities Fraud

Godbout Law offers experience and a track record of success litigating claims in the unique forum of FINRA arbitration. We represent broker-dealers, registered representatives and investors in all FINRA proceedings.

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Business Attorney Boston IconConsumer Representation Against Unfair Business Practices

Consumer Protection Lawyers

Godbout Law offers strong advocacy for consumers who have been harmed by entities that engage in unfair business practices or who have not provided what they promised. The attorneys at Godbout Law are experienced at bringing 93A claims on behalf of consumers against individuals and businesses that have harmed them.

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