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Godbout Law offers strong advocacy for consumers who have been harmed by entities that engage in unfair business practices or who have not provided what they promised. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93A (c. 93A) provides a powerful tool to for consumers to recover against unscrupulous individuals and businesses, as damage awards can be doubled or tripled by the Court for knowing and willful violations of the law. In addition, a plaintiff will also recover attorney’s fees if successful on a 93A claim.

The attorneys at Godbout Law are experienced at bringing 93A claims on behalf of consumers against individuals and businesses that have harmed them. While the substantive law of c.93A is simple, the procedural requirements associated with a 93A claim can be complex and require a knowledgeable attorney to navigate. Our attorneys have the right experience to advance your 93A claim, and either present your case at trial, or negotiate an appropriate settlement.

Even if your case does not arise to a 93A violation, it may still be a worthy claim. We have recovered on behalf of all types of consumers under contract, tort, product liability and negligence theories in cases where the defendant’s conduct was not sufficient to meet the criteria of c.93A.

Examples of consumer representations recently handled by Godbout Law include:

  • Represented clients in dispute against their wedding photographer who, after taking full payment, had not provided wedding pictures four months after the wedding and refused to return calls or emails. After sending a 93A demand letter, the photographer provided the finished pictures to our clients within a month.
  • Brought claim on behalf of home owner against her real estate broker who advised the homeowner to undertake a short sale, and then attempted to buy the property herself through a third party entity, forging our client’s name on bank documents in the process. The real estate broker promptly settled for the full amount of damages after receiving our demand letter, and prior to our filing an action in court.
  • Represented home owner in dispute against contractor who unlawfully retained payment for a kitchen remodel when the homeowner terminated him prior to commencing the work. After receiving our 93A demand for economic extortion, the contractor agreed to repay the balance of the funds he was holding to our client.

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Godbout Law offers strong consumer advocacy for those harmed by unfair business practices.

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