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At Godbout Law, we represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of conflicts arising out of the employment relationship. Our attorneys are adept at applying a deep knowledge of the law to the very unique factual circumstances presented in each and every case. The result for the client is tailor-made legal advice that provides a roadmap to an optimal result.

We passionately represent the rights of individuals who have not been paid wages or have unfairly suffered an adverse employment action, such as wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation or discrimination. In doing so, we pride ourselves on serving as a strong advocate for those who seek fair treatment from powerful organizations. And when representing employers, we conduct investigations and discovery discretely and efficiently, with the goal of reaching a fair resolution between the parties without unnecessary controversy.

We are capable of handling cases in state and federal courts, arbitrations and MCAD and EEOC proceedings.

Examples of employment cases recently handled by Godbout Law include:

  • Defense of hospitality company against class action lawsuit for misclassifying employees as independent contractors where case settled on favorable terms to our client before plaintiff obtained class certification.
  • Defense of brokerage firm in disability discrimination claim brought by former employee where we vigorously denied wrongdoing and defended the case until plaintiff settled for less than the cost of proceeding to trial.
  • Defended public company against wage claim brought by its two former highest ranking officers for unpaid wages arising out of alleged unpaid vacation time where the Court found no liability due to the officers’ equitable forfeiture of all compensation resulting from their breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Currently representing plaintiff in complex disability and age discrimination case against large national publishing company where our client was terminated within less than 24 hours of informing the company that he had been diagnosed with cancer and without any investigation into the availability of reasonable accommodation.
  • Currently representing former officers of a public company that were not paid wages for over a year.
  • Represented former employee in unpaid wage claim arising out of failure to pay commissions from successful sales. We settled for the full amount of the commissions plus attorney’s fees before filing a complaint.

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    Godbout Law represents individuals in cases of workplace discrimination and other employment-related issues.

    If you are in need of legal representation due to wrongful behavior in the workplace, please consider contacting Godbout Law for a consultation.

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