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Godbout Law, PLLC: About the Firm

Godbout Law PLLC is a civil litigation law firm located in Boston, Massachusetts

Since 1986, Godbout Law PLLC has been providing exceptional legal service to business and individuals all throughout Massachusetts, and is also capable of representing clients in New Hampshire. The attorneys at Godbout Law PLLC pride themselves on their client-centered approach to legal service, which includes clear and honest communication about litigation objectives, as well as transparent billing practices. Godbout Law PLLC pursues every avenue to achieve a positive resolution for its clients, and has the experience and skill to take a case to trial whenever it is necessary. Godbout Law PLLC has a long track record of success, and welcomes new clients to help them achieve their goals and add to this legacy. If you have a civil litigation issue that requires a lawyer, then contact Godbout Law PLLC.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Blake J Godbout Esq | Business Attorney Boston MA

Blake J. Godbout, Esq.

business litigation attorney massachusetts john mangones | Business Attorney Boston MA

John A. Mangones, Esq.

john fiegel esq | Business Attorney Boston MA

John Fiegel, Esq.

john entner esq | Business Attorney Boston MA

John Entner, Esq.

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