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At Godbout Law, we are capable of guiding your company through any dispute that arises in the course of business. We are capable of bringing or defending claims related to contract disputes, shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secrets, intellectual property, product defects and any other legal issue central to the modern and ever-changing business environment. We represent businesses ranging from multi-million dollar public companies to family-owned businesses in every type of proceeding at the state, federal and appellate levels.

In each business dispute, your business litigation lawyer will explore every option to reach an optimal result for you without the expense and burden of trial. We use the discovery process, creative problem-solving and our extensive knowledge of the law to build the leverage required to convince the adversary of the strength of our position. When the circumstances are right, we strategically utilize our leverage in mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and/or negotiation to reach a positive result out of court. If negotiations fail to yield the desired result, our team draws on decades of trial experience in state and federal courts to present our client’s case to the judge or jury in the strongest possible manner.

At Godbout Law, every step we take in litigation is calculated to delivering our client the ideal outcome at the least expense. We understand that the litigation process can be foreign and confounding even to experience business leaders, which is why we strive to clearly communicate our strategy and methods with our clients every step of the way.

Examples of business litigation cases recently handled by Godbout Law include:

  • Represented a multimillion dollar public pharmaceutical company in the business of creating, manufacturing and marketing nutritional substances in a breach of fiduciary duty case against its former CEO and CFO. After a five day bench trial the Court issued a decision finding that a company which the former officers had introduced to the board of directors as a neutral partner was in fact a competitor company that they had founded themselves for the purpose of capturing business and profits that belonged to our client. The Court order the former officers to forfeit three years of compensation that was paid while they were in breach of their fiduciary duties, and held them liable for $200,000 that they unlawfully transferred to the competitor they founded.
  • Represented a corporation/landlord in a complex multi-million dollar lease dispute after the premises were damaged by a hurricane and the water penetration resulted in mold inside the leasehold. We settled on reasonable terms with the tenant, who sought to terminate the lease due to mold. We then pursued claims against the condominium association for failing to timely remediate conditions to the exterior of the premises that contributed to the development of mold. The condominium associate settled prior to trial on terms that compensated our client for a substantial portion of its losses.
  • Represented a billboard management company in a breach of nondisclosure agreement arising out of failed merger with competitor which subsequently misused confidential data obtained in the merger negotiations. Our attorneys were able to negotiate a successful settlement before trial that recouped substantial value for our clients.
  • Represented an IT services company in an arbitration against a former subcontractor that violated a non-compete clause in the master services agreement. Our attorneys were able to show that the subcontractor solicited and began working for a former client prior to the expiration of the non-compete period, and the subcontractor was required to disgorge all profits from the contact and pay our client’s attorney’s fees.
  • Represented a medical gas company against a former buyer that terminated a multi-year supply contract without cause. After multiple rounds of negotiation, the buyer paid the full amount of liquated damages under the contract before a court proceeding was initiated.
  • Currently representing a construction debris bag manufacturer in a patent and trademark infringement case against a competitor that designed its product based on our client’s patented bag and then marketed it using language substantially identical to our client’s packaging and website.

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Godbout Law provides individuals and small to mid-sized businesses with legal representation in business litigation.

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