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Real Estate Litigation

Godbout Law offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of real estate disputes and property litigation. Whether your dispute arises out of and purchase and sale of property, or a landlord-tenant relationship, the attorneys at Godbout Law have the ability to protect your rights and your valuable property interest. We take matters on behalf of clients involving commercial and residential evictions, security deposits, breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, breach of lease, deposits on purchase and sale agreements, petitions to partition and many others. The attorneys at Godbout Law are sophisticated at using prejudgment security measures, such as real estate attachment or lis pendens, to protect your interest while we advocate for your rights in court. Whether your dispute involves a multi-million dollar commercial space or residential apartment, Godbout Law is equipped to provide skillful advocacy and maximize the value of your property rights.

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Godbout Law represents condominium associations, unit owners and developers in all aspects of condominium law, including the creation, development and maintenance.

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