Godbout Law obtained an entry of default against a contractor that refused to return a large construction deposit paid by the client and never commenced work. Godbout Law succeeded in obtaining an award of triple damages and attorney’s fees under M.G.L. c. 93A after a contested assessment of damages hearing. Multiple damages are never mandatory upon a default on a 93A claim, and the plaintiff bears the burden of demonstrating to the court that the defendant’s conduct was intentional and meets the threshold of an unfair business practice. In this case, the court found that the contractor’s intentional withholding of the deposit after declaring the project impossible warranted triple damages.

Godbout Law aggressively pursued collection for a year after the judgment entered and ultimately reached a resolution where the client recovered more than twice the amount of her damages.

Attorney John A. Mangones represented the plaintiff in the Boston Municipal Court proceeding and throughout the collection.

Godbout Law provides individuals and small to mid-sized businesses with legal representation in regards to breach of fiduciary duty damages.

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